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Just launched : our self-help tools for mental health

Introducing a comprehensive range of self-help tools for mental health

In a fast-paced world where stress and anxiety often take centre stage, maintaining our mental health and wellbeing has never been more crucial. To aid individuals in their journey toward a calmer and more centred self, we are thrilled to introduce a diverse range of self-help tools that harness the power of video and audio sessions. These tools have all been produced in-house and encompass breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. Each session is crafted by experienced practitioners who understand the nuances of cultivating wellbeing.

Self-care tools


Breathing is a potent tool that directly impacts our nervous system, helping us manage stress and anxiety. Our collection of guided breathing exercises, available in both video and audio formats, provides step-by-step instructions for various techniques and outcomes, such as breath for energy, breath for mental focus. Whether you’re at your desk or winding down at home, these sessions can be easily integrated into your daily routine.


Embark on a transformative journey within through our carefully curated meditation sessions. With soothing audio and visually immersive video sessions, you’ll find solace as you navigate the realms of your mind and cultivate a sense of tranquillity.


In a world full of distractions, mindfulness practices ground us in the present moment. Our video and audio sessions guide you through mindfulness techniques that enhance your awareness, reduce rumination, and improve overall focus. From mindful breathing to body scans, these tools empower you to savour each moment and foster a deep connection with your surroundings.

Yoga: nurturing your body and mind 

Physical movement and mental health are intertwined, and our yoga sessions strike the perfect balance. Through expert-led videos, you’ll discover yoga routines tailored to various experience levels and intentions. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or invigoration – evening calmer, morning booster – these sessions offer a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing.

On-demand support for your mental health journey 

In a world that often races against time, nurturing mental health has never been more crucial. The integration of video and audio sessions within this self-help toolkit heralds a new era of self-empowerment. You can access these resources whenever you need them, allowing you to curate a personalised toolkit that meets your unique needs.

At MindBerry, we are dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of our clients and our clients’ employees. Invest in your wellbeing today and ‘GET IN TOUCH’ if you’d like to explore our wide range of solutions and self-help tools to embark on a journey of self-discovery and resilience.

MindBerry’s exclusive self-help tools are easily accessible for clients who register with us through our client portal here, and are compatible with any device through a web browser.

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